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Getting to and around Bali
Separated from Java by less than three kilometres of sea, Bali-bound vacationers can avail of overland packages from Jakarta and other points in Java. The trip can be done by rail or highway, stopping at Banyuwangi where ferries to Bali operate all day and night.

Bali Travel Deals Bali is about 3 hours away by air from Perth and 6 hours from Sydney or Melbourne. Flights by Quantas and Indonesia's airlines have increased their frequency with the rebounding number of vacationers here. Airfare deals and schedules can be found online. The best deals usually involve stopovers adding around eight hours to your travel time.

The international airport is in Denpasar, and just outside are the beaches and nightspots.

Local transportation in Bali centres around the Bemo, or a min-van. Most operate on color-coded routes throughout the island, but there are no guarantees as to the pace of your trip. It all depends on the number of passengers at the terminals and of travellers waiting along the route.

You'll also find public buses, taxis, shuttle vans, and motorbikes for hire. Driving by yourself is possible with an International Driver's Licence, but beware of the narrow winding roads in the hinterland. Many road hazards are marked only with branches, pedestrians may cross your path anytime if they think they'll get to the other side on time, and vehicles going around blind turns may take the middle of the road. Make good use of your headlights and honk your horn when approaching bends in the road.

Out of Bali

Bali is also the gateway to the neighbouring and island of Lombok, through daily ferry trips and half-hour flights. Lombok has just awakened as a tourist destination. The Nusa Tengara and Sulawesi islands further east can also be reached by air and sea.

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