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Bali has long been a favourite getaway for Australians due to its close proximity, famous hospitality, great natural beauty and fascinating culture. Think of a Bali holiday and lovely sandy beaches and warm blue ocean are often the first things that come to mind, and although a beachside vacation in Bali is a great holiday choice, Bali has so much more to offer its visitors. In the following pages, we'll introduce to some of the must see sights of this beautiful Indonesian island.


Located in the centre of Bali, about an hours drive north of the tourist Mecca Kuta, Ubud is a total change of pace and mindset from the swimming, surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing style holidays so many visitors experience along the island's gorgeous coast. The countryside around Ubud is lush with rice paddies and rainforest. Once Ubud was very much a sleepy backwater - popular with backpackers looking for a place to chill and escape the bustle and partying of Kuta and loved by the alternative crowd who appreciated its ancient arts and the calming ambience that permeated its peaceful streets, lovely temples and artisan workshops. These days, Ubud is still magical, but it has moved with the times and evolved into a classy holiday spot. The town is still very much an artistic haven, but now the carvings, furniture, and artwork of Ubud are famous the world over and many well-known writers, painters and musicians have put the town on their Bali travel schedule. This is a great place to get Balinese souvenirs and objet d'art and such is the renown of the local craftsmen's work that, if whatever you purchase is too big for you to carry yourself, shipping it back home is all part of the service.
Bali Indonesia Travel Apart from art, Ubud has a plenty of attractions to keep tourists busy. Ubud is a royal town and has a number of royal palaces, called "puri". Ubud is also home to some of the most famous - and assertive - monkeys in all of Indonesia. No trip to the town is complete without a tour of the Ubud Monkey Forest. The Monkey Forest hides a stunning Balinese Hindu temple complex with many of the buildings decorated with ornate stone carvings of Hindu gods and demons. As well as the temples, the Sacred Monkey Temple houses about 200 macaque monkeys, which are, in themselves, a major tourist attraction. The monkeys roam through the ruins in 4 main groups and are quite used to holidaymakers trooping through their realm. Be careful, this familiarity with humans means that some of them have become quite brave and some have been known to snatch bags from startled tourists if they think there might be food inside.

Ubud has a daunting choice of accommodation ranging from backpacker hostels to luxurious resorts complete with spa and gourmet food. Many people choose to absorb a little bit of Balinese culture by staying in a bungalow or cottage, often located on the picturesque fringes of Ubud. It is still possible to rent a chalet or villa directly from an Ubud resident and enjoy a peaceful stay in a traditional walled Balinese garden compound. Like so many places of astounding natural beauty, Ubud has seen an increase in eco tourism in recent years and there are some incredible hotels, cottages and resorts just outside the town on the edge of the rice paddies.

Given Ubud's cosmopolitan clientele, it should come as no surprise to discover that Ubud has some of the best dining options on Bali. The busy main streets are jammed with restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. If you fancy a quick bowl of nasi goreng at traditional Balinese café, there are dozens to choose from. However, if you feel like fine dining with cocktails and wine to match, that is also available in Ubud. The town also has its fair share of nightclubs and bars, so there really is something for everyone.

Ubud is a great spot to make a base for a week or so and get out and see some of Bali. There are some lovely walks around the town and local people are often willing to act as guides. Cycling is also a great way to get about and tours of the area are offered from many of the cafes and hotels. If you fancy a little more adrenalin with your holiday there is rafting on some of the rivers that skirt Ubud and it's a fabulous way to check out some of the wonderful rainforest and countryside that border the town. If you're more into retail therapy, there are shopping tours (or treks) that will take you to oe of the best shops and workshops in the town.

Ubud is well and truly on the tourist map, but that hasn't ruined it. It is still a special place with a charm all of its own and it makes a wonderful travel destination.

Seminyak Beach

Bali Indonesia Travel For many tourists, a true Bali holiday is not complete without at least a few days spent kicking back on a beach, and Seminyak is one of the nicest beaches on the Island. Seminyak is swisher than it's close neighbour, Kuta and a bit more exclusive, as a result. The golden sands of the beach are less crowded than Kuta's and there is an air of calm and relaxation, wealth and indulgence.

Seminyak has seen some big expenditure on its hotels and resorts over the past few years and there are some fantastic places to stay. Many of the luxury resorts and big name hotels have taken great pains to incorporate Balinese features into their buildings, adding to the exotic Asian ambience of much of the accommodation. If you're on a tighter budget, there are also cheap hotels and guesthouses available, but it is that the expensive, 5 star resort and boutique hotel end of the scale that Seminyak truly excels.

This taste for the high life is also evident in the many trendy bars and quality restaurants, frequented by fashionable locals and cashed up tourists alike, which are scattered around the beachside town. Also, apart from the usual swimming and sunbathing options found at most beaches, Seminyak has a reputation for excellent shopping, with some really interesting shops and designer boutiques as well as some wonderful traditional Balinese crafts and art available for purchase.

Some argue that Seminyak is really part of Kuta, and the 2 beaches are certainly close. However, Seminyak is definitely the classy older sibling to Kuta's loud-mouthed, younger sister. If you want your Bali holiday to be chilled, comfortable and laidback, then look into Bali travel deals which will take you to lovely Seminyak.

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