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Bali Indonesia Travel About three million people call Bali their home, and 9 out of 10 practice a form of Balinese Hinduism, which gives importance to the spirit world and offers respect to many gods. The Balinese believe that every object and location has its own resident spirit. For many, their spiritual practice consists of exercises in self-control, manifested to the world in gentle speech and peaceful manners.

In the aftermath of the bombing tragedies six and three years ago, the Balinese continue to rebuild from their island's unwittingly turbulent history, hosting international conferences and festivals celebrating their peaceful ways, and welcoming all who come to experience the island's vibrant life.

Bali makes strong impressions even on the most casual visitor. It shelters a universe of rituals and ways that have endured centuries of outside influences. Bali remains an island of pristine landscapes, ranging from mountain lakes to rice terraces, a chain of volcanoes, sunny beaches, swift rivers, fertile orchards and verdant fields.

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